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Digitize your standards

On-line Inspection reports for on-line decisions

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MOIS is a powerful quality control tool allows manufacturers/suppliers to manage quality performance using a digital on-line tool.
Many traditional industries still perform inspections and quality procedures using a pen and paper, spreadsheets or aging a PC software with handwriting adding.
Mois offer unique speed and depth to provide a competitive edge. MOIS will improve your organization quality inspection and quality management experience.


No meter where your inspection is, in-house or in the other side of the planet, Our dynamic modular online inspection system (MOIS) allows you to create your own templates and check-lists and use it any time, online over your inspector mobile phone. 

In that compatible world – speed, efficiency & cost saving makes the difference.

Adopting the MOIS Quality 4.0 system will give you Online reports for online decisions. And full quality management control.

Why Choose MOIS

Your inspection


A modular and
customized system

Manage quality


Be everywhere
any time   


Lead new Standards


Capture Data anywhere


manage and control


?Are you ready for the future

Mois created to give you a leverage

.Capture Data anywhere Quality can be affected

Never lose the ability to conduct an inspection thanks
.to MOIS quality 4.0 system

Lead new Standards by-product Quality

and by inspection technology

Keep inspectors on the same page using cloud-based
.forms with dynamic logic

Be everywhere at any time

Inspect and test, use the powerful tool of MOIS to manage quality by production workers, drivers, inspectors, and managers.  All using your same check-lists and reporting real.time to the central system.

Inspect, analyze, manage

take decisions on the spot.

Time is running out when a failure is found

Your on-line quality system will alert and will push smart managing info directly to you. Take decisions, Manage.

Simple as that

?Do you have a mobile phone

Whether you use Android or IOS phone 
.MOIS  quality 4.0 system works perfectly

?Do you know how to dial? Send SMS? Taking a picture

? Sharing a post

Good, you are qualified to use the system as an inspector. Not everyone is technical oriented but with MOIS inspection become easy as clicking a button or taking a photo.

Build a digital on-line templates

MOIS has a very intuitive templates builder. Converting your
old formats into the system will be quite easy. But, anyway,
we are here to give a hand, to assist, to teach, to create the
new Quality 4.0 environment just for you.

Be the first to know

.No, you don’t have to ask for reporting
.No, you do not need to call
.Reports will fly directly to you once inspection saved

Take action

Now, when you know everything online, manage is much easier.

On-line reports for on-line decisions

The world is changing fast Industry become smarter robots, digital machines, automation, high technology

Organizations can't accept


Manual tools

Slow respond

High costs

Slow reporting

Handy documents

Data loss

Computerize data

We convert traditional inspection methods into the powerful digital age of Industry 4.0

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